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Xanthou 15, Glyfada

Xanthou 15 is a boutique project located on one of the most sophisticated postcodes of Glyfada, Athens Riviera.This project redefines apartment living with the creation of contemporary living spaces based on elegance, functionality and comfort. 

Glyfada is one of the most well known neighbourhoods of the Athenian rivera, which also benefits from its rich commercial centre, elegant dining places and nightlife .It is located on a quite, green and safe residential street, which is a 3 minute walking distance from both the Glyfada shopping centre and the beach. An unparalleled location that is private, yet convenient and very accessible. 

All meticulously crafted luxury apartments have an amazing sense of openness. Their large glass balconies allow a great abundance of light and create expansive open plan living spaces. The project  is designed to ensure that each apartment is completely autonomous and unique, unlike the apartments of common high density blocks. 

From the contemporary, modern and eye-catching design of the building to its luxurious appointed interior, Xanthou 15 Street represents a significant shift in the quality and experience of apartment living. 

Notable  is also the beautiful planting and green of the building, as well as its impressive entrance. The small waterfalls, large marble steps with decorative sea pebbles and green of the entrance will be a warm welcome every time you come home. 

The residences are offered for sale and the completion of the development is expected in May 2021. Prices are to be discussed over email or phone. Additionally, when bought in early stages our team welcomes discussions for the alteration or addition of elements according to the buyer’s taste.